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We care for furry family members that live in Omaha, Neb.


When you hire a pet sitter, be sure to watch out for hidden costs. These might include gas surcharges, separate day visit and overnight charge, holiday surcharges, etc. Our rates are the same everyday and what we say is what we charge! We accept cash or PayPal. 

Dog exercise or other house visits

Two important factors impacting a dog's mental health are socialization and exercise. And that's what we will provide your dog. We spend about an hour with your fur child, providing fresh air, exercise, love, pets and play. We'll make sure there's plenty of fresh water and, if you need us to, we'll feed and/or administer meds. 


Daily rates:

  • 1 - 2 dogs: $25/visit and walk; additional dogs, $5/visit

  • 1 - 2 dogs: $40/ two visits/day


Weekly rates (discounted rate):

  • 1 visit/day: $100, 1 -2 dogs; additional, $20/week

  • 2 visits/day: $180, 1 - 2 dogs; additional, $20/week


Cat Sitting

We will spend time with your cat, playing, petting, etc., feed, water, administer meds, clean litter box. Happy to bring in mail.


Daily rate: $20/visit

Pet and/or House sitting

Our personalized, professional pet care allows your pets to remain in the safety and comfort of their home. We'll tend to all their needs, including taking dogs out as much as needed.  And, in addition, to caring for your pet, we'll take care of your home.


24-hour cost: $60 (overnight if desired)


Service includes:

  • Feed and water pets, administer any medications, walk dogs, provide quality time/attention to each pet

  • Service cat/bird litter

  • Clean up any pet-related incidents

  • Check that house is secure; open/close curtains; etc.

  • Bring in newspapers, gather mail so all is there when you return home

  • Water indoor plants

  • Take out garbage on specified day

  • We'll even text or email you about your pet daily if you like


Add-on services available:

  • Brush cat/dog: $10

  • Pooper scoop yard: starting at $10, based on size of yard and number of dogs


Horse/Large animal care visits

Please call to discuss: 402.916.5996 or cell 267.893.9164 between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.

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